For me, photography is a way of expressing what I care about. When done right, it allows people to experience something as if they were right there with you - and hopefully experience that thing in a new way. Telling these stories, whether documentary, conservation, or commercial, is incredibly important to me. Without it...I'd be directionless. 

I am an American photographer with an undying love for documentary photography. I shoot lifestyle, portraits, and landscapes as well. 

I have been both in front of and behind the camera, on a 5-month trip around the world with a National Geographic team. Co-starring in "Rogue Trip w/ Mack & Bob Woodruff" on Disney+, my photography is heavily featured in the show, as well as my relationship with the places that I travel to. 

What keeps me up at night is knowing that I've missed far more photos than I've taken - and I'm in a constant battle to change that - almost never without some sort of camera on me.

With an insatiable desire to be in uncomfortable circumstances, and an addiction to airports, I have been a nomad since I was born - with no end in sight.